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Mr. Reinhard Zeiler - the General Manager and owner of ON-BLOCK GmbH Austria - was one of the pioneers in developing ORAT. He has the experience of opening over 20 new airports / passenger terminals around the world – see the CV of Mr. Reinhard Zeiler.

ON-BLOCK GmbH, Austria works closely together with Fraport AG, Germany and Airports Company South Africa –ACSA. See more details under ”Partner Companies”.  Airport specialist of these airport companies in their specific expertise and the knowledge of the latest airport technology support ON-BLOCK GmbH, Austria on projects worldwide.

In addition ON-BLOCK GmbH, Austria is working together with experienced airport experts with a proven track of record in the field of ORAT.


The following services can be provided by ON-BLOCK GmbH:

  • Elaboration of ORAT tender specifications
  • Strategic advice on ORAT projects
  • Full scale ORAT support
  • Plan and execute trial operation
  • Plan and execute airport transfer
  • Elaboration and measurement of the ORAT status of a project
  • Provision of airport operations support in various fields
  • Support for airports and other organizations for handling of big peak situations at airports , i.e. OLYMPIC Games, Football Championships
  • Proviion of ORAT guidance for the ORAT Employer
  • Provision of Project Mannagement support for complex BHS installations


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