ORAT Support in two separate projects for IATA Consulting


Project 1:

  • Operational Readiness assessment study of a new greenfield airport to determine the level of preparedness and identify pitfalls that would prevent a successful opening (starting 2 months prior the opening).
  • A detailed FISH-Status and Open-Issue Report of all airport process areas was made as well as a list of key recommendations for the remaining time upon the opening, based on the assessment results.
  • Further a Roadmap for the opening strategy, technical & procedures training and trial requirements was submitted to the client
  • Spring 2022


  • ON-BLOCK deployed a team of six consultants, dealing with the ORAT Project Management, Technical management of facilities & equipment, systems, processes and contracts and the organization of Trials, in order to fix the immediate gaps in cooperation with the operator company.
  • We also successfully involved external stakeholders – especially airlines, ground handling agencies and authorities.
  • An extensive programme with walkthroughs, operational exercises, basic and advanced trials was conducted in the last two weeks prior the opening.


Project 2:

  • Full ORAT project with a team of up to 8 field experts (4 fully deployed on-site) including
    • development of Operational Documentaton (Operations Plan and SOPs)
    • Training Management
    • Trial Management
    • Project Management and ORAT Status Reports
  • Project currently in progress.

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