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[ɔːrɑt], abbreviation for Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer

An ORAT is proven to be the most effective process to ensure a successful start of operations of new airport infrastructure.

ORAT is the name of the project / methodology, which helps the future user of the new infrastructure getting ready to operate it. The project brings construction, owner, operator and other users (project internally and externally) together. Its main target is to minimize risks for a successful start of operations and beyond.

A usual ORAT project is dealing with the joint readiness of constructions (facilities and systems), processes and people. It looks after the development and conduction of the Operational Documentation, Testing & Commissioning, Training, Trials and the actual Transfer (activation and relocation).

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Full ORAT Services

Full ORAT Services

  • Full scale ORAT Support – Planning & Management of Airport Operational Readiness Projects (Greenfield Airport, Terminal Extensions – Landside / Airside, Baggage Handling Systems, etc.)
  • ORAT Project Management & PMO Services, Stakeholder Management
  • Planning & Management of Airport Trial Operations
  • Planning & Management of Airport Transfers (Operational & Physical Relocation from old to new Facility)
  • Development of Operational Documentation (OPS Concepts, SOPs, Training Material, etc.)
Strategic ORAT Support

Strategic ORAT Support

  • Development of ORAT Tender Specifications
  • Strategic Advice on ORAT Projects (e.g. for Supervisory Board)
  • Elaboration and Measurement of the ORAT Status of a Project (Objective Tracking of Operational Readiness)
  • Provision of ORAT Guidance for the ORAT Employer
Airport Consulting

Airport Consulting

  • Airport Operations Support in various Fields (Terminal OPS, Operational Control Centers, Baggage Handling, Ground Handling, VIP & Business Aviation)
  • Support for Airports and other organisations for Handling of Big Peak-Situations, i.e. Olympic Games or Football Championships
  • Project Management Support for complex Baggage Handling System Installations
  • Support for VIP & Business Aviation Operations for Airports and Ground Handling Services
  • Management and Execution of Airport Training Services

About Us

We are highly experienced and motivated consultants specialised in Airport Operations Support. Our core competence is the realisation of ORAT - Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer, which is the most effective process to ensure a successful start of operations of new airport infrastructure. Based in Deutschfeistritz, Styria, Austria, we deliver our services around the world to the international airport industry.


ON-BLOCK GmbH was founded by Reinhard Zeiler in the beginning of 2013, with the main target to provide ORAT expertise for the implementation of new airport facilities worldwide. Reinhard has gained the required know how for this complex task in leading many ORAT projects around the globe over the last thirty years.

In January 2021 Christoph Aumüller joined the company‘s management as Chief Operating Officer after having accomplished several successful projects together with ON-BLOCK in the previous years.

Our Mission Statement & Vision

  • We respect women and men of all backgrounds. We work as friends for friends and allies with joy and passion.
  • It is our main concern to finish the work for our clients and partners at the highest standard and we will do our utmost to surpass their expectations.
  • We strive to become “primus inter pares” in the airport consulting business.

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Reinhard Zeiler & Christoph Aumüller




Completed Projects


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Conducted Trial Days


Dipl-Ökonom Reinhard Zeiler

CEO & Founder

Reinhard is a highly experienced Senior Consultant for Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) and has gained the required knowledge for these complex tasks in many projects around the globe for the last 35 years. He graduated from the University of Hagen, Germany with a master´s degree in Economics and is a holder of an FAA commercial pilot license. During his student days Reinhard worked for the LTU airline in Düsseldorf and later for the US Administrator for Aeronautics in Berlin, Germany.

Key Projects & Achievements:

  • Reinhard developed the “Munich Approach” on ORAT and guided Munich Airport Company from 1994 to 2012 on many successful international airport and passenger terminal openings - such as Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Brussels Pier A, Madrid-Barajas T4, Barcelona T1, Delhi T3, New Hyderabad Airport, New Durban International Airport, New Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Singapore Changi T3, Abu Dhabi Terminal 3, Moscow Sheremetyevo Terminal D and Vienna Airport, T3. 
  • In 2013, Reinhard founded the Austrian based airport consulting company ON-BLOCK GmbH.
  • With ON-BLOCK he was not only involved in the operation of worldwide airport projects (St. Petersburg, São Paulo, Stockholm, Kuwait, Moscow, Bahrain) but also giving strategic advice on operational readiness of major international airports like Guarulhos International Airport T3, São Paulo, Brazil, or advising the CEO and the supervisory board of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport Company for the opening of the new Berlin Airport (BER) in late 2020. 
  • Being "The pioneer of ORAT Program" Reinhard was requested by Cranfield University, UK to give a "super lecture" on ORAT and share his experience.

Reinhard is married and has one daughter and two grandchildren. He has been living in Deutschfeistritz with his family since 2013.

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christoph Aumüller

Senior Airport Advisor & COO

Christoph has 15 years of experience in the aviation sector. During his studies (Aviation at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz/Austria) he personally focused on studying the Management of Airports and in 2010 he graduated with an engineering degree. For more than eleven years Christoph has specialized in ORAT projects worldwide and has further developed the ORAT philosophy and tools (inventor of the ORAT & Trial Indicator). He is currently finishing his master´s thesis for an MBA in Aviation Management and also started to hold lectures on Airport Planning & Management at the Master Programme at his former University in spring 2020. From 2015-2017 he also worked in the Business Aviation sector for a private FBO Ground Handling Company at Vienna Airport as Duty Manager, Trainer and project manager.

Key Projects & Achievements:

  • Christoph has actively contributed to 10+ ORAT projects on three continents. He was the responsible Trial Project Manager for St. Petersburg (2013) and Berlin BER T1 (2020), the Manager PMO for Bahrain ORAT (2017-2019) and Senior Trial Consultant in Sao Paulo (2014).
  • Other projects include Delhi, Doha, Berlin (2012), Quito, Kuwait and Ukraine.
  • Christoph has developed the ORAT Trial Indicator during his first ORAT project as an intern at the Delhi T3 project in 2009/2010, which was also the topic of his final master´s thesis. Since then, the Indicator has been further developed and used as a major status update tool not only for trials, but also for the entire ORAT platform (for presentations to management and boards) in several projects (e.g. Berlin, Quito and Bahrain).

Christoph, born and raised in Styria, is living with his wife Michaela and their dog Lili in Vienna, Austria.

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leander gottschalk

Leander Gottschalk (M.Eng.)

Project Manager

Leander is a graduated master student with high knowledge in aviation management, terminal processes and training. He has four years of practical experience with different companies in context of operational readiness and trial management at airports. Leander holds an Engineering Degree (M.Eng.) in Aviation Engineering /Aviation Management from Wildau University of Applied Sciences.

Key Projects & Achievements:

  • Trial Manager for the airport opening of Mexico city’s new airport (NLU)
  • Graduate Engineer for Aviation Engineering /Aviation Management (M.Eng)
  • Two years of working experience at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) as a Junior Working Student
  • Writing a Bachelor-Thesis about ORAT and extensive experience with Project Management, Trials and Training
  • Multiple internships in the aviation industry at Porsche Consulting, AviaCert GmbH (HAM) and ON-BLOCK (BAH)

Leander has been living since 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

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ON-BLOCK has been working together with several Airport Consultants and Experts since the beginning. If you are interested to become a team member of ON-BLOCK in the future, please contact the Management Team.


"ON-BLOCK's duties and performance became part of our success on opening day of the BER."

Berlin BER T1


"My sincere thanks to ON-BLOCK for all your support in working together towards the successful opening of the new Passenger Terminal."

Bahrain AMP


"We strongly recommend ON-BLOCK, that brings the most experienced experts in the ORAT field."

Kuwait Jazeera T5


"...more than 20 Trials simulating all the airport operations in 2,5 months: This is a world record!"

São Paulo Guarulhos T3


"ON-BLOCK became part of our success on opening day of our new Passenger Terminal 1."

St. Petersburg Pulkovo T1


More Projects


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IATA Consulting

The International Air Transport Association is an international trade organization, created over 70 years ago by a group of airlines. Today, IATA represents some 290 airlines in 120 countries comprising 82% of total air traffic. The organization also represents, leads and serves the airline industry in general.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (IATA code BER) is Germany’s third largest airport site in total and the airport with its biggest O&D market. Located south-east of Berlin, BER concentrates all air traffic in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region at one location since its opening in October 2020, after integrating Schönefeld (SXF) and closing down Tegel (TXL). In 2019, around 35.65 million travelers were handled in Berlin - a new passenger record.

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Airport consulting services and software solutions for a smart and comprehensive planning of airport traffic, operations and infrastructure including Design Review, Operational Optimization, Master Planning and ORAT support. Software solutions such as DISPO, a resource allocation and passenger flow simulation tool, or OPAL, a staff and GSE planning tool, enable aviation professionals to increase operational and economic efficiency through intelligent resource, process and staff planning.

Gaurav Airport Consulting

Gaurav Airport Consulting

Airport Operations & Systems Consultant with experience in designing, executing, project management, testing & commissioning and ORAT of baggage handling systems, passenger screening systems and visual docking guidance systems. The company possess in-depth knowledge in both technical and operational fields and currently working on several international airports.

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planeground airport consulting

An independent consulting company providing specialized analytics and planning services for the aviation industry. Founded in 2011 by a group of experienced industry experts with the mission to leverage real data for better decision-making and improved development planning for airports. With offices in Cologne and Amsterdam planeground has since then emerged as an international award-winning consultancy recognized for their superior and future-proof design concepts.



An airport and ground handling consulting services company, based in UAE, provides services such as project management and supervision, in-country representation services, tender documentation and assessment, SOP guidance, ORAT services, coaching for executives and expert analysis. On a case-by-case basis, Aviacon also partners or contracts with solution suppliers of special airport systems and resource management systems.



For 25 years gaetan has been supporting and conducting change processes at airports including ORAT processes for the last 10 years. By identifying frictional structures and processes on site at the actual workplace, trainings and consulting proposals are tailor-made for the client. The independent airport training provider and consultant acquires and trains aviation personnel according to governmental standards Europe-wide with the focus on improving quality and performance by using innovative training methods and assessment structures.

AirSys Consulting

AirSys Consulting

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, AirSys Consulting are the Go-to-Pros when it comes to baggage handling, hold baggage screening and other airport systems. Specialized in the design, installation, testing and commissioning, specifications for - and evaluation of tenders, and the Go-live for baggage handling systems – AirSys Consultants have served over 50 airports in support of getting baggage handling right, and being being a one-stop shop for technical solutions, maintenance and operations planning of baggage handling services.

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